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Dive Center in Sardinia, Capo Caccia Marine Reserve

Welcome to Fertilia, a tiny village just about 3 km away from Alghero. Sarda Divers was founded in 2008, taking over a Dive Center that has been present for about 20 years.
As a small and agile business we strive to put our guests in center. If you look for a diving experience with a personal touch, away from the crowds, we are happy to serve you.

The extensive Capo Caccia Marine Reserve, located at the north-western tip of Sardinia, is known for its Caverns, Caves and Rock Formations, beautiful fauna and rich marine life like fish, crustaceans and soft corals.

Our mission is to offer high quality service for your underwater explorations.

We don't see ourselves as a typical dive center, but more as a meeting point for enthusiasts, keen on exploring one of the best spots in the mediterranean, no matter if you travel alone, as couple, family or group.

To more closely answer the specific needs of individual divers, we only accommodate a limited number of people each day, by reducing both the number of divers per trip as well as the total number of dive trips per day.
Our philosophy is to provide you with a quality dive experience with maximum 6 divers per boat, 4 divers per instructor or divemaster, to guarantee the highest standards of comfort before, during and after the dive. 
What's more, we insist on the same level of training and/or experience for all those taking part in a dive team, in order to optimise the choice of dive site and assure a safe, extensive and enjoyable dive for all.

All dive trips are led by instructors who have in-depth knowledge of the different habitats of the Capo Caccia Marine Reserve and are dedicated custodians of its treasures.
No matter the distance and time it takes to get there, we will focus on taking you the very best dive sites and the many surprising Caverns and Caves our area has to offer.