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English > Diving Courses for Recreational, Technical and Cave Divers

Plunge into Neptune's Realm

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Only a few decades ago, Scuba Diving was beyond dreams for most of us.
The heros of the early days, the men and women around Hans Hass or Jacques-Yves Cousteau brought the the fascinating underwater realm onto cinema and television screens and made people aware of a great adventure.
Today, diving gained a firm stand in the world of recreational activities and attracts more people every day.
The reasons are simple, given that scuba gear enables us to explore a silent, weightless world, leaving behind the busy crowds on the surface. It simply never gets old.
Encounter our Planet from a different side and become part of a global community! 

Which course should I take?

Over the years, beside the classic training in diving clubs, many Organisations offering scuba training have been established. We are offering courses from only well known and established Agencies and want to give you a short overview, that hopefully helps you finding the "right" choice.
Whatever course you take with us, all our certifications are recognized worldwide and conducted by experienced instructors who will do their best to ensure a great learning experience.

GUE - Global Underwater Explorers

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GUE is an Organisation which has its roots in Cave Diving. Within a few years their high standards of scuba education has gained the respect of the diving industry. You will not only be trained to use a standardized system of equipment configuration, breathing gases and skills, but also learn how to develop outstanding diving team capabilities.
GUE is not only for advanced underwater activities, but for everyone interested in becoming a highly skilled diver.

PADI - Recreational Diving

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PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is a well known Diving Organisation and can be found even in the remotest places. Modern training materials and a standardized teaching method ensure that you get the most out of your course. Continuing education is a key factor within PADI training, giving you countless opportunities to improve your diving skills.