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Our Equipment: Modern and well maintained

Sarda Divers offers every kind of dive trip, from day trips to snorkeling tours, recreational dives to cave excursions and decompression dives.

Beside standard rental gear we also carry complete DIR rigs: Steel-Doubles, Aluminium stages, Backplates with harness and wings and light systems.

Filling station is operated by certified gas blenders und provides you with standard nitrox and trimix mixes.

Fill Station

  • Lenhardt & Wagner ES280 Silent Compressor
  • AirCool Dryer
  • Puracon Filterguard
  • 3x 50l 300bar Storage
  • 4-whip Fill Panel 200 bar
  • Tresy Nitrox/Trimix Blender
  • MixCheck Helium Analyzer

Rental Gear

  • Aqualung & Frog BCDs
  • Frog Double Tank Wings
  • Aqualung Regs (Calypso 2 & Apeks TX50)
  • Aqualung Wetsuits
  • Aqualung Snorkel Gear
  • TillyTec & Technisub Lights (HID & Halogen)
  • Submerge N-19 Short Body Scooters

Other Equipment

  • 2x DAN O2-Kit, 1x Wenoll
  • Classroom with Beamer
  • Toilets and Showers
  • VW EuroVan